Breakthrough Performance Management Results Diagnostic

Enterprise-wide transformation requires Breakthrough Performance. Is your organization mostly
operating in business-as-usual mode or generating Breakthrough Performance management results?
To find out, click on the phrases that describe you.

Business-As-Usual Behavior      Breakthrough Behavior
Relies on the way we've always done things   Able to identify and disengage from (hidden) assumptions
Functional perspective   Strategic perspective
Self-protective/cynical   Inspired/committed
Finger pointing   Able to identify personal responsibility
"There are some things we can't control"   Discerning new possibilities for influence and action
Gossip/complaining   Coordinated action/solutions
Problems are obstacles   Breakdowns are opportunities
Leadership by command and control   Inspirational leadership
Areas of unacceptable performance that persist   Out-performing already high levels of performance is the norm
Justifications and excuses instead of results   Accountability and reliable delivery
Too many meetings   Conversations that drive action
Working in order to earn a living   Working on delivering compelling aspiration
Shadow processes and work-arounds   Integrated systems and effective processes


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