Managing Change Diagnostic Tool
Please rate each statement for how much it describes the current situation.
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1 - Didn't even think of this
2 - Talking about it
3 - Some aspects are in place
4 - Making significant progress
5 - Absolutely yes — no doubt

1. Each executive/senior leader knows for what he or she is accountable.
2. Each executive/senior leader knows what he or she is expected to deliver.
3. There is someone from the executive team clearly accountable for change.
4. The change team and the executives/senior leaders have clearly articulated the greater meaning and inspiring purpose/context for this change.
5. The change team and the executives/senior leaders are aligned on the final measurable outcomes.
6. The change team discovers and resolves breakdowns as a standard practice.
7. The executives/senior leaders have an action plan for providing inspirational leadership.
8. The change team takes ownership of the change.
9. The change team interacts openly and honestly with each other and the affected constituencies.
10. The people who will implement and operate the change are a significant part of the design process.
11. The constituencies who will be impacted from the change have been identified.
12. For each constituency impacted, the wins and losses as a result of the change have been identified.
13. There is a communication plan in place with daily and weekly activities outlined.
14. The implementation plan includes feedback loops and opportunity to make adjustments based on feedback from the implementers.
15. There is a process to resolve real-time breakdowns and problems at moment of final implementation.
16. The implementation plan includes celebration and recognition touch points.

Understand Your Results about Managing Change
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< 35Headed toward a crisis
35-45Intervene now
45-55High risk; but perhaps not too late
55-70You can place a bet on success, albeit a risky one
> 70The new future looks very bright



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This diagnostic tool is designed to provide a high-level perspective of your preparedness for
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