Transformational Leadership Development Scorecard

To discover your transformational leadership score, answer each question from 1-5 using these guidelines:
1Below acceptable
3Emerging strength
5Excellent — a model for others

Inspiring intent
Creates intentions and goals for the organization that are discontinuous from the past
Articulates and expresses vision vividly and powerfully so people are attracted and compelled to take action
Generates and sustains higher levels of business results
Invents strategies and innovative pathways that fulfill corporate commitments
Is willing to question and transcend the status quo
Communicates with inspiration and passion when called upon
Conversations for fulfillment
Successfully gains alignment with individuals
--- Within teams
--- Within the organization
Motivates and inspires people to take on and produce Breakthrough Results
Effectively shifts and adapts leadership styles to be effective with various individuals or situations
Authentic demeanor
Demonstrates grace and power in the face of problems, setbacks, and failures
Successfully manages multiple commitments with ease
Has appropriate dress, presentation, social conduct, and presence for a leader among leaders
Operates from the view of oneself as ultimately responsible
Ongoingly engages in personal development
Is aware of and open about his/her blind spots
Accountable environment
Creates an environment of trust and two-way communication
Elicits commitment and participation from different types of groups and individuals
Inspires people to outperform their own already high levels of performance
Has a strong focus on developing a deep, strong leadership bench
Generates a high level of accountability from one's self
--- From others
Integrity: the foundation of transformational leadership
Known as someone who consistently delivers his or her promises
Considered to be someone who is straight and above-board without hidden agendas or withheld communications
Has strong processes and sytems to support success
Instills a strong commitment to integrity throughout the organization
Immediately confronts, communicates, and resolves breakdowns with velocity
Understand Your Results
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< 45Crisis
45-60Needs Immediate Improvement
60-75Business as Usual
> 90Excellent — a high-performing leader



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